Sausages for Schools fundraiser

About Sausages For Schools

Hellers’ SAUSAGES FOR SCHOOLS has already helped New Zealand schools raise $1.5m over the last 4 years.

The good, old-fashioned Kiwi sausage sizzle has gained a whole new impetus that has seen primary and intermediate schools raise much-needed funds.

Hellers are firm believers in supporting community initiatives, and if our award-winning sausages can help, we’re here. So far, up to 200,000 sausages a year have gone to this important cause, and helped warm big and little tummies at the same time.

All we ask in return is some recognition by, wearing our aprons and of course telling your customers who made the delicious sausages that we have provided.The long-term goal of SAUSAGES FOR SCHOOLS is to make a difference in every New Zealand primary and intermediate school. And we want everyone to have a chance to benefit.

Currently, we provide sausages to 25 schools a month. Because a lot of schools want to take advantage of our offer, we recommend putting in your school’s application around four months before your planned fundraiser: That makes it fair for everyone.

Applications are then reviewed and schools are advised if we can meet their needs that month. If not, you’ll be included in our database for the future.

To find out how SAUSAGES FOR SCHOOL works, please click here.