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Our Story

The Heller family tradition of butcheries began when Gorg Heller emigrated from Germany to New Zealand during the gold rush of the 1880’s and started supplying the gold miners with smallgoods from a small shop in Arrowtown.

Todd Heller continued the long line of butchers by opening his first butchery in New Brighton, Christchurch, in 1985. Inspired by his travels and the cooking styles of different cultures, Todd began offering greater variety and new flavours – very little of which were available at the time. His customers responded well. Todd Heller Meats started supplying supermarkets, outgrew the old factory, moved to a new plant at Kaiapoi and began supplying throughout the South Island.

The company continued to flourish and after merging with Tasty Bacon became Heller Tasty Limited. The purchase of Vienna Sensational Foods gave the company national distribution and in 2002, Heller’s Sensational London Pride sausage was judged New Zealand’s best.

In 2008, Hellers won the Supreme Sausage award with Hellers Cheese Kransky and the 100% NZ Bacon of the year award with Hellers Middle Eye bacon. In May 2011 Hellers launched its Free Farmed Bacon and in the 100% NZ bacon awards of the same year won gold with its Middle Eye and silver with Middle and Ribeye Bacon.

In 2003 Hellers built the first modified-air packaging plant in New Zealand to supply long-life, sliced and shaved meats packs. This innovation created a new category of affordable, quality cold cuts adding convenience for making sandwiches and platters.

In 2014 Hellers bought the Iconic Kiwi brand which now produces 100% Free Farmed, NZ Bacon. Along with this acquisition the company also added the popular Sizzlers and Cheerios brands.

In 2015 Hellers acquired the Santa Rosa Chicken brand. New packaging design was introduced to modernise the presentation of Santa Rosa favourites, Manuka Smoked Chicken and Boneless Chicken Roasts and to launch new convenience packs of ready-to-eat sliced and shaved chicken varieties.

In 2016 Hellers began exporting its popular range of precooked sausages to Cost Co Supermarkets in Australia. Hellers also launched a range of pre-prepared meats and vegetarian convenience products under the My Main Course Brand. The range includes Savoury Mince, Thai Chicken Curry, Butter Chicken, and Meatballs.

Driven with a vision to bring both traditional and innovative new tastes available to Kiwis everywhere, Hellers is NZ’s leading brand of sausages, bacon, ham and small goods.

Manufacturing and technical excellence

Our modern plants have kept pace with technology without compromising the traditional values and standards of quality upon which our reputation has been founded. The strictest health and quality guidelines are applied to all our processes and only the very best ingredients are acceptable.

Hellers is always ready to embrace new technology in order to keep ahead with product innovation and consumer appeal. Our research and development programmes continue to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers in supermarket and food service markets.