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Hellers New Zealand Free Farm Shoulder Ham

Free Farmed Shoulder Ham

Hellers Free Farmed products are sourced from selected New Zealand farms.

The Sows are outdoors and once weaned, the piglets are raised in barns with no crates or stalls and are free to move around. No hormones are used and regular independent animal welfare audits are carried out.

How to store:

If you have a beer fridge [and it has any room in it!] this is an ideal way of storing your ham as you don’t tend to open it as much as your everyday fridge so it keeps it cooler and isolated from other foods in your fridge.

Muslin cloth ham bags are great but I suggest you have a couple of them on hand so you can keep the ham fresh and clean by changing the bag every other day. We suggest moistening the muslin bag a little to keep the ham from drying out, it can last a few weeks if you change the bag frequently

A clean tea towel can do the same job as a muslin bag as long as it is large enough to wrap around the entire ham, making sure it stays moist. By changing it regularly you will expect to get the same few weeks storage as a muslin bag

By removing the hock to use in soups or stocks you can cut your leftover ham into manageable pieces and freeze it down in freezer bags, clearly labelled and dated for future use


Pork (80%), Water, Salt, Modified Starch (1442), Dextrose, Sugar, Mineral Salts (451, 452, 450, 500), Thickeners (407, 412), Antioxidant (306, 316), Preservative (250), Yeast Extract.

Servings per 100g*:
  • Energy (kJ)675
  • Protein (g)14.3
  • Fat - Total (g)10.0
  • - Saturated (g)3.5
  • Carbohydrate (g)3.6
  • - Sugars (g)1.6
  • Sodium (mg)1226
  • *all values are considered averages
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  • recipe polaroid image

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