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NZ Lamb Burger Inspirations

Merino Lamb Burger Recipes
NZ Lamb Burger Recipes
by Hellers - NZ's Butcher
Hellers have proudly launched NZ Lamb burgers - delicious, mouth-watering lamb complemented with a touch of herbs and spices.
Hellers have proudly launched NZ Lamb burgers.

Use Heller’s Lamb Burgers to help create your favourite burger or, for a different and easy way of cooking with them check out Fraeona’s recipes below for some great inspiration!

Greek Lamb Salad

Make a traditional Greek salad using cucumber, feta, Kalamata olives, red onion and cherry tomatoes.

Add lemon zest, flat leaf parsley, a dash of fruity olive oil and orange vincotto to dress. Panfry Hellers NZ Lamb Burgers till crispy golden, chop the burger into tiny bite size pieces and sprinkle the burger over the salad, gently toss through to serve. Great served with hot toasted garlic pita bread.

NZ Lamb Burger Salad Stack

A fresh healthy burger – Make a carrot salad; julienne carrot on a mandolin transfer to a bowl and add raisins, toasted sesame and pumpkin seeds, thinly sliced red onions, orange zest and a little orange juice to dress.
Make a fresh yoghurt dressing with Greek yoghurt add a pinch of sumac, fresh coriander, grated cucumber, chopped red chilli and fresh mint. Panfry or bbq Hellers NZ Lamb Burgers till golden. To assemble spread a base of hummus on a plate, top with finely sliced iceberg lettuce. Top with burger add a big dollop of yoghurt dressing and finish with carrot salad and more coriander.

NZ Lamb Cheese Sliders – kid friendly!

Take your Hellers NZ Lamb Burgers and pan fry till golden on each side, place a slice of cheese on one side and finish cooking in the oven.

Remove from oven then cut into quarters. To assemble spread the top and bottom of a dinner roll with your kid’s favourite spread it could be one or a mixture of… hummus, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, mayonnaise or marmite whatever they love and makes them happy! Place the NZ Lamb cheese burger quarter onto the bottom half of the dinner roll and try and smuggle some lettuce in if you can! Place the other half of the dinner roll on top and secure with a toothpick. A great way to get them involved is to let them construct their own slider – just have an assortment of yummy things out on the table and let them go for it!

Mexican Lamb Tortilla – ole!

Make a fresh corn salsa; panfry fresh corn kernels in olive oil till golden transfer to a bowl and add chopped habanero chillies, fresh coriander, diced tomatoes, lime zest and juice to dress.

To make guacamole; smash avocado with a fork add sour cream, lemon juice, finely diced red onion and season. Panfry or bbq Hellers NZ Lamb Burgers till golden and slice into ‘fingers’. To assemble spread guacamole in the middle of a warm tortilla, add finely sliced iceberg lettuce, a few pistachios, a couple of ‘burger fingers’ top with corn salsa and coriander. If you feel daring add a few jalapenos before you fold it over and gobble it up!