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Sausages for Schools fundraiser

How Sausages for Schools Works

After a successful application, it couldn’t be easier. We’ll have the sausages all ready for you to collect from your local New World or Pak n Save supermarket. Along with a few food-handling tips to make sure your sausages taste the best they can. You’ll also get a flash Hellers apron, so your chef looks the part too.

Because we want every cent to go to your school, here are a few suggestions:

Hellers SAUSAGES FOR SCHOOLS will provide the sausages and we suggest you either find a supplier, or get families to provide a loaf of bread, sauce, or onions. Please don’t ask the supermarket for these when you are making the pick-up; plan ahead.

We’d really love a banner from your school about Hellers SAUSAGES FOR SCHOOLS proudly supporting NZ schools. (We’ve seen some great ones so far.) Some schools have made it an art project and we’ve posted them on the Hellers website and Facebook page.

Finally, we ask that every Hellers SAUSAGES FOR SCHOOLS sausage is sold for $2. That makes it accessible. And sausage-lovers around the country have told us it’s worth every cent.

Thank you for being a part of SAUSAGES FOR SCHOOLS. We look forward to your photos and stories.

All the best for your fundraiser