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Lunch Box Fillers

Lunch Box Filler Recipes
Lunch Box Fillers
by Hellers - NZ's Butcher
Mornings are busy enough trying to get out the door on time without trying to be inventive in the kid’s lunchboxes as well! Let me help you get inspired with some of our yummy kid-friendly Hellers products that translate wonderfully into quick nutritious lunchbox filler recipes.
Green Eggs and Hellers Ham Sammies

These are fun and yummy and I am sure Dr Seuss would approve!

Start by hard boiling some eggs, peel them, dice them up and place into a bowl allow to cool. Add some mayonnaise and a large dollop of basil pesto mixing well. Spread your green eggs over a slice of fresh bread top with a few slices of Hellers Shaved Leg Ham and another slice of fresh bread. Cut into triangles for maximum appearance effect!

Hellers Streaky Bacon, Spinach, Pineapple and Chicken ‘Fingers’

Delicious little snacks that can be made the day before and a great dinner option as well!

Using chicken tenders place a few spinach leaves on one side and a few teaspoons of crushed pineapple. Wrap each tender with a piece of Hellers Streaky bacon securing with a toothpick if required. Heat a large fry pan and spray with olive oil, add tenders and fry till the underside bacon is browned approx. 6 mins. Turn them over and repeat for a further 6-8 mins. Put a small container of tomato salsa or your kid’s favourite sauce in with them for dunking!

Lazy Lunch Box Throw-ins!!

I loved eating leftover bbq sausages straight from the fridge with a huge smearing of tomato sauce as a kid [and still do!] why not put some in their lunch boxes to snack on?

Add a yummy dip like hummus or a sauce for dunking and I am sure they will be grinning! Hellers Bier sticks are another great protein hit and delicious snack for the lunch box. Hellers Meatballs leftover from the night before are so yummy for kids, add a flag toothpick to each one for fun and their favourite sauce for dipping. Hellers’ boneless leg Ham can be cut up into chunky batons for great protein snacking, turn them into colourful kebabs for something different by adding fresh fruit and vegetables!

Hellers Nutritious Roll Ups

Think of our Hellers Shaved and Sliced products as the bread part of a wrap!

Just add these nutritious fun fillers and roll them up tightly securing with a toothpick or two! A good trick is to dollop the filling along one side of each slice of ham or smoked chicken slowly rolling it up, wrap up tightly in glad wrap twisting the ends to help keep them secure.

  • Mix together cream cheese, craisins, grated carrot and dollop onto a slice of chicken. Top with a few dollops of cranberry sauce and roll up
  • Fill celery sticks with hummus. Place a slice of cheese onto the sliced ham then the celery-hummus stick and roll up
  • Mix together cream cheese and pesto and dollop onto a slice of ham top with finely sliced baby spinach and roll up
  • Mix grated cheese and grated apple with a dash of lemon juice and place onto a slice of ham and roll up
  • Mix together chopped tomato and avocado and place on a slice of smoked chicken top with shredded iceberg lettuce and roll up
  • Mix together grated smoked cheese and crushed pineapple that has been drained and patted dry. Place on a slice of ham and roll up
Hellers Cheese Kransky Sausage Rolls

Try this simple way of making a sausage roll and I can assure you not only will these be popular in the kid’s lunch boxes but the adults ones as well!

Preheat oven to 180C. Spread a light line of pizza/pasta sauce [tomato sauce, bbq sauce or tomato chutney works well too] lengthways along one side of a puff pastry sheet then lay a row of Hellers Cheese Kransky’s on top. Roll and fold the pastry over them brushing the underside of the pastry with egg yolk and using a fork to crimp the edge trimming away any excess pastry. Cut into individual portions and place onto a lined baking tray. Brush with egg yolk and sprinkle with dried oregano. Bake 10-15 minutes or until the pastry is puffed and golden brown.

Hellers Bacon Buttie Sliders

Most kids love bacon and this is a great way to get them to eat their sandwiches!

You will need a tray of your favourite hot crispy grilled Hellers bacon, small fresh dinner rolls, soft ‘real’ butter and your kid’s favourite sauce. Place all the ingredients into your dinner roll and why not try and add some fresh baby spinach and a slice of cheese or tomato if you think they may like it?

What you will need
  • Shaved Leg Ham
  • Streaky Bacon
  • Kransky
  • Middle Bacon
  • Shaved Smoked Chicken
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