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Sausages for Schools fundraiser

School stories

‘School stories’ showcases the great work that schools, volunteers, and communities put into fundraising for deserving causes through Sausages for Schools.

Weber School

Sausages for Schools Programme

“THANK YOU”, (this just doesn’t seem to cut it), however I hope these pictures go some way to show our appreciation. The drawing was done by the schools volunteer library lady, and with her guidance our 10 junior room children helped with the poster.

Without your support this would not be possible...and we sincerely appreciate your generosity - IT IS AMAZING, thank you very much!

Sunny Hills

Hellers Sausages for Schools Fundraiser

Thank you on behalf of Sunnyhills primary school for providing 1000 Hellers sausages.
We made a great profit!!!!!
We have the rest put aside for our upcoming sausage sizzle on 16th March so I will let you know what we make from this too.
Thanks again, Hellers is an amazing company to give such great support to schools in Nz.

Eltham School

HEllers Sausages for Schools Fundraising

Our Heller's sausage sizzle was a great success! Our Year 7 and 8 classes organised an American 4 July day and cooked hotdogs and doughnuts to sell as a fundraiser for our Senior camp at the end of the year. We had a wonderful time!