Got a burning question you need answering before the sausages burn? Then look no further.

I love Hellers, but I’ve got food allergies. Do your products contain allergens?

We want everyone to enjoy our products as much as we do, and for those Kiwis who do have food allergies, we try and limit the allergens in our products, like soy, gluten and dairy. All our products are MSG free, and we’re working hard towards being gluten free as well.

Even though there’s a very slim chance of cross contamination for some products we handle, we place warnings on our labels for your personal safety. 

Does your pork come from New Zealand or around the world?

Kiwis love pork, but there’s not enough New Zealand Free Farmed Pork and New Zealand Pork produced to reach the demand for pork, bacon, hams and sausages produced in New Zealand. We purchase pork from NZ and other countries like Denmark, Finland and Canada. We do not purchase any pork from China or other Asian countries. We have long standing relationships with our suppliers and our procurement manager meets face-to-face every year with these suppliers.

Pork is farmed on a larger scale overseas compared to NZ, and for a lot of countries it is their top farmed product due to the traditional butchery methods and products they produce. NZ is known for its beef and lamb as a comparison.

When we purchase NZ pork it is sourced mainly from farms in the South Island, with the majority coming from the Canterbury region. We purchase the pigs through the NZ Pork affiliated meat works and all the farms that supply them need to meet their standards. The non-free farmed pigs are raised with farrowing crates so that the mother does not lie on them or squash them but this is only for the first 4 – 6 weeks until they are weaned.

Can I recycle Hellers packaging after I’ve enjoyed the delicious contents?

We’re currently working on some exciting sustainability initiatives. Our current recyclable packaging, like our sausage trays and recyclable plastic in our shaved meat packs, are saving around 10 million 600ml plastic bottle equivalents from going into landfills. We’re working tirelessly with our suppliers to improve this even more. 

Are your products nitrite free?

Our delicious Hellers streaky 350g bacon is nitrate free, and we’re working to extend this range to give you more nitrite free options.

Is the Hellers Auckland factory store closed?

Due to health and safety issues, our Auckland factory store is now closed. With many large trucks and forklifts onsite, we made the decision to close the store to the public to not put our customers at risk.

Weights no longer show on the 6 pack tray packs. Why’s that?

We have limited space on our front labels, so we now state how many sausages are in each pack, instead of how much they weigh. However, you can still find the weight of the sausages in the nutritional panel on the back. 

I love Hellers! How can I find out more about sponsorship opportunities?

While we’d love to sponsor your business, team or organisation, our main sponsorship focus is our ‘Sausages for Schools’ programme. Applications for Sausages for Schools 2020 will reopen shortly. 

Why can’t you use more NZ pork in your products?

We work hard to ensure we source as much New Zealand pork as possible, but due to increasing costs and supply issues, we have to import some product from overseas.