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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Hellers Allergen Claims

We use gluten and dairy in a range of products which are processed on the same equipment as our gluten and dairy free range. We do have strict procedures on the products made where we claim gluten and dairy free status and these we guarantee to be clear.

Hellers Supports good practice Pig Farming

Hellers is New Zealand owned and operated and has plants in Kaiapoi, north of Christchurch and Auckland.

Hellers is the largest purchaser of New Zealand pork for the production of bacon, ham and smallgoods. Overall the company has 50% New Zealand sourced product and 50% imported product.

“We source our New Zealand pork product from farms in the South Island. We believe we are double the industry average for use of New Zealand pork in the manufacture of bacon and ham products,” says Managing Director, John McWhirter.

John McWhirter says the company is also realistic that it needs to import some pork products to meet demand and remain competitive.

“As part of our move towards dry-sow-stall-free, we are also investigating the supply chain of imported pork product.”

“We’ve been in this business for 20 years and have just made a significant investment in expanding our Kaiapoi plant and so it is in our interests to make sure that demand for pork products continues to grow.”

Free Farmed

Free range means that the pigs live outside and are free to roam everywhere.
Free farmed is the term that covers the pigs that also live in eco barns which provides shelter from weather conditions. These are big barns where pigs can roam around and have open doors to allow them to walk outside as well.

We also use beef, lamb and venison in our sensational fresh sausages which is sourced from NZ. These animals are traditionally farmed outside.

Hellers Meat Sources

Heller's Premium Bacon

HL Free Range Danish Eye Bacon
HL Free Range Danish Streaky Bacon

Heller's Snack Food Range

HL Biersticks Mild 168g FWNZUSDK
HL Biersticks Spicy 168g FWNZ USDK

Heller's Shaved / Sliced Meats

 NZ U.S.Denmark
HL Bacon Strips 200gNZUSDK
HL Roast Chicken 200gNZ
HL Honey Baked Ham 100gNZUSDK
HL Chicken & Ham 200gNZUSDK
HL Hot Pork 200g NZUSDK
HL Manuka Leg Ham 200gNZUSDK
HL Pastrami 200gNZ
HL Sliced Pizza Salami 100gNZUSDK
HL Smoked Chicken 200gNZ
HL Pulled Pork 180gNZUSDK
HL Free Farmed Leg Ham 100gNZ
HL Free Range Chicken 100g NZ
HL Angus Peppered Roast Beef 150gNZ
HL Champagne Leg Ham 150gNZ

Traditional Retail Pack Plain

HL Cocktails GF OriginalNZAUSUSDK
HL Cocktails GF SkinlessNZAUSUSDK

Heller's Traditional Bacon

HL Middle Eye BaconUS
HL Middle BaconUS
HL Shoulder BaconUS
HL Streaky BaconFISW
HL OL Smokey Streaky BaconFISW
HL Honey Cured Streaky BaconFISW

Heller's Cooked Deli Meats

HL Devilled BeefNZ
HL Devilled PorkNZUS
HL Premium Roast BeefNZ
HL Beef Pastrami NZ
HL Cooked SilversideNZ
HL Polish SausageNZUSDK

Heller's Premium Ham Range

HL Free Farmed NZ Shaved HamNZ

Heller's Luncheon

HL Ham and Chicken 3kgNZAUSUSDK
HL Savoury Luncheon 3kgNZAUSUSDK
HL Pork Luncheon 3kgNZ AUSUSDK

Heller's Family Meals

HL Ham Roast US
HL Rump Roast Pork with stuffingUS

Heller's Premium Burgers and Meatballs

HL AngusPure Burgers 400g NZ
HL Lamb Burger 400gNZ
HL AngusPure Meatball 420gNZ
HL FF Pork Meatballs 420gNZ

Heller's Smallgoods Premium Fresh

HL Pork Chilli & Apricot SausagesNZ
HL New Yorker Porker SausagesNZ
HL Sticky Ginger Beef Sausages NZ
HL Angus Beef SausagesNZ
HL Angus Garlic Sausages NZ
HL Angus Beef Breakfast SausagesNZ
HL 95% Fat Free Beef SausagesNZ
HL FF Breakfast Country Pork SgsNZ
HL FF Country Pork SausageNZ
HL Honey, Lamb & Rosemary SgsNZ
HL NZ Lamb & Thyme SausagesNZ
HL Steak & Onion SausagesNZ
HL Super Savoury SausagesNZ
HL Venison SausagesNZ
HL Black Puddings (Kg)NZ
HL Genuine Pork Sausages NZ
HL London Pride SausagesNZ
HL Old Fashioned Beef SausagesNZ
HL FF Spicy Chorizo SgsNZ

Heller's Smallgoods Premium Precooks

HL Cheese KranskyNZAUSUSDK
HL Spanish ChorizoNZAUSUSDK
HL Cheese Skinless Franks 6pkNZAUSUSDK
HL Plain Skinless Franks 6pkNZAUS
HL Angus & Peppercorns 6pkNZAUS
HL Spicy Bratwurst 6pkNZAUSUSDK
HL Smk Chipotle & Cheddar 6pkNZAUSUSDK

Heller's Traditional Sausage Range

HL Breakfast Sausages-CollagenNZAUS
HL Beef ChipolatasNZAUS
HL Crumb SausagesNZAUS
HL Beef Flavour SausagesNZAUS
HL Pork Chipolata'sNZAUS
HL Pork Flavour SausagesNZ AUS
HL 450g Sausage Meat PacketsNZAUS

Heller's Traditional PC Sausage Range Bulk

HL PC Breakfast SausagesNZAUSUSDK
HL Continental FrankfurtersNZ AUSUSDK
HL Family FrankfurtersNZAUSUSDK
HL Precooked SausagesNZAUSUSDK
HL Classic SaveloysNZAUSUSDK
HL Smoked SaveloyNZ AUSUSDK

Heller's Traditional Retail Pack Flavoured

HL Chunky Cheese 1kgNZAUSUSDK
HL Chinese Honey 1kgNZ AUSUSDK
HL Original Gluten Free 1kgNZ AUSUSDK
HL Super Savoury 1kgNZ AUSUSDK
HL Cheese & Bacon 1kgNZ AUSUSDK

Heller's Bacon & Pork Cuts

HL Hot & Spicy Pork RibsNZDK
HL Sweet & Sticky Pork RibsNZDK
HL Bacon Back Bones NZ
HL Bacon Hocks VP NZAUS
HL Bacon Rib Bones - CutNZ
HL Pork Back BonesNZ
HL Pork Rib BonesNZ
HL Pork Fillets 2'sNZ