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New Yorker Porker Recipes

New Yorker Porker Sausage Recipes
New Yorker Porker Recipes
by Hellers - NZ's Butcher
Hellers New Yorker Porker is the fantastic winner of the first ever NZ Next Top Sausage Competition 2013! This sausage encumbers all the flavours of the classic mouth-watering New York barbecue sparerib. It is smokey and sweet with a slight chargrill note and has a touch of heat – just delicious! Check out Fraeona’s recipes and tips below for some great meal inspiration!
The New Yorker Porker Hotdog

Start by sautéing sliced white onions in a heavy based pan with a little butter and oil. Cook over moderate heat for 10 mins till tender but not brown. Add 1-2 tbsp of tomato paste and a good knob of butter and cook a further 2-3 mins stirring often. Set aside in a small bowl.

In the same fry pan or on the bbq fry your Hellers New Yorker Porkers over moderate heat till golden, piping hot and fully cooked approx. 10-12 mins. As the sausages are cooking lightly toast good quality hotdog buns in a low oven, then slice through the top lengthways ¾ way to the bottom and butter the inside generously.

To assemble place the New Yorker Porker into the cut buttered bun first then make 2 long squeezes of Maille wholegrain Dijon mustard [it is very hard to find the ‘spicy brown mustard’ traditionally used in America so hopefully this measures up somewhat in N.Z!] along each side of the sausage. You can then add a tomato hot sauce if you like but I prefer it without. Now top with a generous amount of the warm cooked onions or if you prefer heat up some store bought sauerkraut for the true experience!

Silver Dollar Pancakes w New Yorker Porker + Bacon Crumble

A well-rested and just-combined slightly lumpy batter is the key to making sure you don’t get a tough pancake, so be careful not to over beat it!

To make the pancake batter sieve into a deep bowl 150g plain flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp caster sugar and a pinch of salt then make a well in the centre. In a large jug whisk together 250ml buttermilk, 2 eggs and 25g unsalted butter melted. Whisk the wet mix into the well of the dry mix till it comes together but is not perfectly smooth. Set aside covered for 30 mins to rest.

To make the crumble, remove the skin from 4-5 Hellers New Yorker Porkers and finely chop up 6-8 rashers of Hellers Ol Smokey Streaky Bacon. Cook the crumble mix in a heavy based fry pan over medium heat with a little oil. Use the edge of a wooden spoon to help break up the New Yorker Porker into a fine mince. Keep cooking the crumble till it becomes golden and slightly crunchy but not dry – stirring often being careful not to burn it.

To cook the pancakes heat a non-stick fry pan or flat pancake skillet over medium heat with a little canola oil. To ensure the pan is at the right temperature do a ‘sizzle test’ with a small spoonful of batter first. Check that it doesn’t brown too quickly or if it has no sizzle at all adjust the temperature accordingly, retest till perfect. Now pour 1 tbsp pancakes into the fry pan and watch for the underside to turn golden and a bubble to appear on the top – flip and cook the other side for 20 seconds. Stack 6 pancakes onto each serving plate and sprinkle with the New Yorker Porker + bacon crumble. Serve with maple syrup and a knob of butter on top

New Yorker Porker Pizza

Preheat your oven to 210C well in advance. Place several baking trays in your oven to get them hot and ready for the pizza.

For the pizza sauce you can buy your favourite or make this simple one yourself. In a medium saucepan melt a large knob of butter and a good dash of olive oil over medium heat. Add 1 small white onion roughly diced, 2 peeled garlic cloves squashed with the back of a wooden spoon and 1 bay leaf. Simmer for 10 mins until the onions are tender but not brown. Add 1 can of chopped peeled Italian tomatoes and cook a further 5 mins. Remove the bay leaf and adjust seasoning with sea salt and sugar for added sweetness. Finally add another knob of butter and using a stick blender blitz till smooth.

Take one store bought good quality thin pizza base and using a large spoon smear ½ cup pizza sauce liberally from the centre out leaving a 5cm pizza border. Cover with a few thin slices of red onion, 50g grated smoked cheddar and 8-10 slices of fresh mozzarella cut into 1 cm thick rounds. Remove the skin from 1-2 Hellers New Yorker Porkers and use your fingers to pinch them roughly into tiny meatballs. Place all the meatballs into a bowl and toss them in a few large spoonfuls of pizza sauce. Dot the meatballs around the pizza with a little bit of extra sauce on top of each one. Brush the pizza rim with olive oil and slide the pizza onto the hot baking tray in the oven. Cook 8-10 mins until the cheese is golden and the meatballs are starting to caramelise.

To serve sprinkle over a few fresh de-sprigged thyme leaves and a generous drizzle of good quality extra virgin olive oil. Cut into 6-8 slices and eat immediately.