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Sausages for Schools fundraiser

About Sausages For Schools

Hellers is a firm believer in supporting our communities. Whether it’s flying in sausages by helicopter to Christchurch after the quakes or travelling by boat to provide much needed-food for the cut-off township of Kaikoura, Hellers are here to help.

In 2012 Hellers launched an initiative to help schools fund-raise with the good, old-fashioned sausage sizzle. Hellers’ Sausages For Schools sponsorship supports Primary and Intermediate schools throughout NZ. All they have to do is apply for their school’s particular funding need and Hellers supplies the sausages for the school’s sausage sizzle for free.

To date Sausages for Schools has raised $1.5 million to help schools to meet the needs they face today. That’s putting some real sizzle back into our communities with Hellers’ Sausages For Schools programme.

Applications are then reviewed and schools are advised if we can meet their needs that month. If not, you’ll be included in our database for the future.

To find out how SAUSAGES FOR SCHOOL works, please click here.