Let Fraeona inspire you with delicious recipes

Fraeona Heller is a chef whose passion for life and delicious food has seen her travel the world to work, learn and experience it first-hand.

Fraeona travelled the world at an early age to discover and experience her love of food. As a qualified chef, Fraeona worked at London’s Chiswick Restaurant before taking a dream position in Umbria, Italy, a region famous for its local cuisine. Her travels took in the tastes of France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco before coming closer to home to join Stephanie Alexander’s legendary Richmond Hill Café and Larder.

Apart from now being a busy mother of two young children in Christchurch, Freaona is creates innovative new products and recipes for Hellers to share with Kiwi families everywhere. We hope you enjoy some of Fraeona’s special recipes created in her own home kitchen.

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    Ham On The Bone Glazes Recipes

    Ham Glazes

    New Yorker Porker Sausage Recipes

    New Yorker Porker Recipes

    London Pride Pork Sausage Meatloaf with Bacon Recipe

    London Pride Sausage Meatloaf w Sticky Tomato Glaze

    Ol’ Smokey Bacon Granny Smith and Pear Salad Recipe

    Ol’ Smokey, Granny Smith, Kikorangi, Pear and Hazelnut Salad Recipe

    Dutch Salami, Spinach and Mushroom Omelette

    Ol Smokey Bacon and Kumara Salad Recipe

    Ol’ Smokey, Golden Kumara, Feta and Mint Salad

    Premium Precooked Sausage Recipe

    Premium Precook Sausage Meals

    BBQ Pulled Pork Spinach Smoked Havarti Pizza Recipe

    Pulled Pork, Smoked Havarti and Spinach Pizza

    Danish Salami Sliders with Green Tabasco Aioli

    Sticky Ginger Beef Hotpot Creamy Kumara Mash Recipe

    Sticky Ginger Beef Hotpot with Creamy Kumara Mash

    Angus Burger Caramelised Whiskey Onions And Cheddar Recipe

    Angus Burger w Caramelised Whiskey Onions + Cheddar

    Ol’ Smokey Bacon Breakfast Baskets Recipe

    Ol’ Smokey Breakfast Baskets

    Sticky Ginger Beef Sausage Noodle Salad Recipe

    Sticky Ginger Beef Noodle Salad

    Hot & Spicy Pork Rib Accompaniment Recipes

    Hot & Spicy Rib Accompaniments

    Angus Beef Meatball Pizza Recipe

    Angus Meatball Pizza w Red Peppers, Capers + Tomato Creme

    Braised Chicken with Italian Salami, Olives + Artichokes

    BBQ Pulled Pork Soft Taco Recipe

    Pulled Pork Soft Shell Taco with Pickled Pineapple

    Free Range Bacon and Egg Pie Recipe

    Free Range Danish Bacon and Egg Pie

    Merino Lamb Burger Recipes

    NZ Lamb Burger Inspirations

    Potato, Egg and Dutch Salami Salad

    Sticky Ginger Beef Sausage Roll Recipe

    Sticky Ginger Beef Sausage Rolls

    NZ Lamb & Thyme Sausage Recipes

    NZ Lamb & Thyme Inspirations

    Blueberry and Candied Free Range Bacon Muffin Recipe

    Blueberry and Free Range Danish Candied Bacon Muffins

    BBQ Pulled Pork Baked Potato Smokey Cheddar Recipe

    Pulled Pork Baked Potato with Smokey Cheddar Recipe

    Orecchiette with Dutch Salami, Kale and Cherry Tomatoes

    Angus Beef Burger With Apple Slaw And Wasabi Mayonnaise Recipe

    Angus Burger w Beetroot Apple Slaw + Quick Wasabi Mayo

    Lunch Box Filler Recipes

    Lunch Box Fillers

    Free Range Danish Bacon Butter Recipe

    Free Range Danish Bacon Butter Recipe

    Pepperoni, Mushroom and Ricotta Cannelloni

    Free Range Danish Bacon and Potato Salad Recipe

    Warm Potato and Salmon Salad with Free Range Danish Bacon Brown Sugar Vinaigrette

    Angus Beef Burger With Blue Cheese And Pickled Onion Recipe

    Angus Burgers w Blue Cheese Relish + Home made Pickled Onions

    Italian Salami, Asparagus and Fennel Risotto

    Sticky Ginger Beef Sausage Hot dog Recipe

    Sticky Ginger Beef Hotdogs

    London Pride Pork Sausage Hotpot Recipe

    London Pride, Apple, Mushroom, Yam and Parsnip Hotpot

    Italian Salami Stuffed Roast Onions

    London Pride Pork Sausage Cornish Pastie Recipe

    London Pride, Kumara and Rosemary Pasties

    Free Range Danish Bacon Pasta Bake Recipe

    Pasta Bake with Free Range Danish Bacon – for a crowd!

    Fried Rice with Free Range Danish Bacon Recipe

    Fast Fried Rice w Free Range Danish Bacon

    Pepperoni Potato Hash

    Ol’ Smokey Bacon Jalapeno Smoked Cheddar Quesadilla Recipe

    Ol’ Smokey, Jalapeno and Smoked Cheddar Quesadillas

    Sticky Ginger Beef Sausage With Polenta Recipe

    London Pride w Eggplant Ragu and Soft Polenta

    Roast Carrot, Quinoa and Danish Salami Salad

    Pasta with London Pride Pork Sausage Recipe

    London Pride Pasta w Fresh Tomato, Courgette and Feta

    Zucchini, Feta and Danish Salami Fritters with Lime Aioli

    Leftover Ham Recipes

    Leftover Ham Ideas

    Free Range Danish Bacon Cheese Rolls Recipe

    Free Range Danish Bacon and Cheese Rolls [Southland Sushi!]

    Sweet & Sticky Pork Ribs Accompaniment Recipes

    Sweet & Sticky Ribs Accompaniments

    Mexican BBQ Pulled Pork Pies Recipe

    Mexican Pulled Pork Pies

    BBQ Pulled Pork Bun Apple Slaw Recipe

    Pulled Pork Bun with Apple Slaw

    Pepperoni, Artichoke and Fresh Mozzarella Pizza